Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A few tips - working with students

Tried methods using technology in the classroom:
1. I like to use brainpop when introducing a topic. This works great in writing, like with the main idea or showing not telling. I think it puts it in perspective for them to understand. And who doesn't like Toby!

2. To log on to laptops, it takes a while for them to connect to the server. Students HAVE TO BE PATIENT while waiting for it to load. Also, clicking several times won't speed up the process.

3. When I introduce a new program, I show them the basics then I challenge them to teach me something new. For example, if we are doing a hyperstudio or powerpoint (although this year I will teach them keynote), I give them a simple project. Then I tell them that they have to explore the program and find "something cool" (i.e. - adding transition, inserting graphics, fonts, sounds, etc). I spend some time at the end in class with the smart board showing off these cool tricks. That way they don't get too excited when they figure something out and have to show the rest of the pod what they just did.

4. Shutting down laptops: Please ensure that the children have first logged out, then shutdown the machines using the Apple - shutdown and not the power down button. They *must* wait for the screen to turn black before closing the laptop.

5. Before using the laptops the children *must* wash their hands.

6. Using Brainpop as an introduction to a topic in upper grades: I have them first view the video; they then bring out their notebooks and write notes the second time that they view the video. They raise their hands if they want me to pause the video while finish taking down a particular set of notes (so as not to disturb the class).

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