Wednesday, January 6, 2010

SmartBoard Links

1. The link for the Hays Wiki where you will find several useful SmartBoard lessons and websites: Hays SmartBoard Wiki

2. SmartBoard TypePad

3. Teaching with the SmartBoard

4. Smart Technologies

5. SmartBoards and Everyday Math

6. Goodrich Elementary

7. Harvey's

8. SmartBoard Wiki Spaces

9. Primary and Secondary Lessons

10. Longwood Central School District

11. Smart Exchange

12. Rockingham County Public Schools - super site for several SmartBoard Maintenance and lesson tips

13. TechSmart - you need a free login but it has several resources including some great game templates

14. A SmartBoard Blog: Useful site for tips. The Whiteboard Blog

15. A Delicious bookmark with various lessons and activities for the SmartBoard. Delicious Bookmarks

16. SmartBoard Tips

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  1. If you are interested in 10 tips on how to add interactivity to your Notebook lessons take a look at the link below:

    -Then click file sharing
    -Then Notebook training files (left hand side)
    -Then click 10 Simple Ways to Add Interactivity to Notebook (you can open or save)