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Oct 9th 2009 - SmartBoard Tips

Sent: Friday, October 09, 2009 7:22 AM

Hi everybody,

Following are the notes:
1. I informed everyone on the tech update from last week's meeting. The attached powerpoint is the presentation.
2. Joe Young's presentation: The attached Word document contains my notes - it is just bullet points, some of which may be applicable, a lot of which may be what you already know. If anybody wants to add to the notes, please feel free to do so.

Cruncher training: I sent out an email yesterday regarding a district level hour long cruncher training if anyone is interested.

The next Tech Tuesday will be on November 3rd. We will follow the agenda that Gale had sent out earlier this week. If someone has a pressing need for a topic other than what's on the following list, please let me know.


- Smita

Smartboard presentation notes:

Using Garageband for multiple purposes – reader’s theater , DRA, etc.

The three buttons below the eraser:
Left most – keyboard.
Middle – like the right mouse click.
? button – Help

Calibrating the Board – the point where you let go matters, not so much where you point at.
If by chance you use an expo on the SmartBoard, use the regular whiteboard cleaner.

Closing/clearing ink layer from another application – if you close you have five seconds to undo.

Ink layer can be used with videos – play, pause, use the ink layer.
It can be used over any application.

The notebook toolbar can be moved to the bottom.
The dock can be moved to the left/right so that it doesn’t come in the way.

Dual page display – use for an activity where you need to show items side by side. While moving things from one side to another, remember to tap on the window for active display before moving the state.

Pinning a page during dual page display – you can pin a page to keep it static while moving through the second page on display.

You can lock a window/items in place – for example the capture window.

If you have multiple objects on display, you can layer those objects – select the object and have it be the next layer or all the way to the back.

You can link an image with a URL – put the image; select Insert -> Link; enter the link you want to navigate to.

Alternative to document camera – use Photo Booth to take a picture of the document and transfer it to the nothebook (flip it in the Preview window first).

Use the different interactive tools from the gallery – grids, coins, coordinate grids.

Use the table icon to create a table. Use the mouse on the computer to play with the heights/widths of the cells.

Getting lessons from

You can contact Smarttech with your suggestions.

Use iChat for online buddies? Could use Skype as well.

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