Friday, January 8, 2010

Tech Tuesday Jan. 5th; Delicious, dashboard, wiki, speech on Word

Hi everybody,

Following are the topics that were presented.
Thank you to Diana A. for typing up notes.


- Smita

*Website that bookmarks bookmarks on the web.
* You can use your Yahoo! Login to login to delicious. Alternatively, you can create a login.
*You can make your bookmarks public.
* You can search for other public bookmarks for example if you want to search for a SmartBoard lesson, you could search here instead of Google.
* You can add Delicious to your browser toolbar

Wiki Ideas
* Wiki Walkthrough
*Shows ways that you can use wiki for different purposes.
* It gives you different free wiki websites that you can setup wikis

Instructional Technology, Wichita Public Schools
*Smartboard Lessons can be downloaded

You can use photobooth to capture a photo of something you want to show to your class (if you don't have a document camera). I took pictures of these rock salt crystals in the evaporating dish.
Bring up the photo in Finder.
Open the file (it will open the jpeg file in Preview).
Use the standard Notebook capture feature to capture the image into Notebook.
You can then use this in a lesson. So for instance we compared two different evaporating dishes of rock salt crystals - their similarities and differences, etc.

Mac Dashboard
*Push fn plus F12 or Click on icon on toolbar
* You can add/subtract as many widgets as available.
* You can get more widgets by clicking on the more widgets button or going to Dashboard Widgets downloads
*To disable widget, click the x symbol on the widget.
*The translation tool is a really useful widget. This can be used to translate from several languages to English and vice-versa. Very useful for ELD students to use.
* The concept is similar to the iPhone apps.

Microsoft Word
1. To get computer to speak something written:
*Type Sentence
*Highlight Sentence
Note: To use with ESL student who cannot read, cut and paste translation from dashboard into word and computer will speak in another language.

On 1/4/10 7:33 PM, "Smita Kolhatkar" wrote:

Hello everybody,

Following is the agenda:

1. Delicious

2. Wiki walkthrough

3. SmartBoard EDM website reminder; Tech tips and tricks reminder

4. Photobooth

5. Mac Dashboard

I will present the above.

6. If we have time Adriene will present use of HyperStudio

We will meet in my room (Rm. 13) as we will need the SmartBoard for all of the above.

thanks and see you all at 3:00 tomorrow,

- Smita

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