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Tech Tuesday Sept 11th 2009 - pdf, iCal, Wiki, Screen Capture

Sent: Friday, September 11, 2009 3:41 PM
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Thank you all for a great turnout on Tech Tuesday.
The synopsis of what was covered (in case you were not able to make it as some people have requested)

1. Converting a Word Document to a pdf file:
1. Multiple ways of doing it:
2. Go to File Print, click on the pdf link on the bottom left.
3. Go to File -> Save As -> save as a pdf file.
4. Why is this required? One because when you send docs out to parents you don’t want anyone modifying them and two because pdf’s are compatible across all platforms.
2. If you are using the new Office version, please save it as an older version of the document before sending it to everyone.
3. iCal: Ruta sent the master calendar. Use the import feature in your ical to import the calendar in a new calendar of your iCal setup.
4. 20 point orientation for the Smartboard: Go to the Welcome Center -> Smartboard Hardware setup-> Select the 20 point orientation instead of the default 9 point. If using an LCD, you must set it up with the 20 point to avoid frequent misalignment problems.
5. Wiki: Please add your links to the wiki as you find them.
6. Some useful links are in Gale’s original email.
7. Screen Capture on the smartboard: Use this to capture the screen from a document to a Notebook file – for example from the EDM pdf files. Other places you can use the capture: The grammar book, the MARS tasks, the foss website instructions in pdf.


- Smita

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