Sunday, November 14, 2010

Basic SMART Board Troubleshooting

The following are questions that have come up in the initial installation stages.

1. My SMART Board is on but does not allow any touches. The pens do not work. What do I do now?

Check: The light on the right hand side of the SMARTBoard. It should be a steady green, not red, not off, not a blinking green.

2. What do I do if the light is red or blinking green or off?
Check the USB cable that is connected to your computer (from which you are trying to display onto the SMARTBoard). Is the cable disconnected?
Is it a loose connection?
Is there an intermediate connection that is disconnected?

3. All my connections are in place but the interactivity is still not working.
a. Has your computer display timed out? Move the mouse or touch a key to activate it.
b. If a is fine, switch off the SMARTBoard
c. Wait till the blinking amber light stops.
d. Switch it back on. Fine? Proceed
e. Still a problem? Reboot the computer, then switch on the SMARTBoard

4. The projector light seems really dim. Is the light dying?
a. Check the remaining light life - use the projector menu to do so.
b. If the light lifetime shows up to be near complete, ask for a replacement.

5. The computer is displaying my file but the SMART Board is not reflecting the same image.
a. Go to System Preferences on your connected computer (assuming it is an Apple)
b. Select Display
c. You will see three tabs on top. Go to the one that says "Arrangement"
d. To the bottom left will see a checkbox that says "Mirror Display". Check that.

6. All my notebook files were saved here and they are all gone. What do I do?
a. Go to the top left Apple sign. At the bottom see who you are logged in as. Most likely, you are logged into the wrong account.

7. I am writing on the board fine, but the way the board does it, it seems to be moving or not quite where I am writing. What do I do?
a. The most likely explanation is that your board is not aligned.
b. To align your board, first off ensure that you have set the alignment to a fine 20 point and not the default setting.
c. Go to SMART Board Tools. Open Control Panel.
d. Select SMART Hardware settings.
e. From the poplist select the Orientation option
f. Select the 20 point option. Apply, OK.
g. Once you have set your 20 point setup, go to the SMART Board
h. Hit the two left buttons simultaneously.
i. You will get the 20 points displayed with "X"s.
j. Ensure that you are releasing the point from the center of each "X"
k. Mistake? Hit the "?" button to go back to the point where you made a mistake and correct it. Proceed.
PLEASE take your time over this activity and ensure that you are really accurate about the release point in order to ensure correct alignment.

8. My SMART Board does not power off. I pressed the green light twice but nothing happens.
This has only happened once in an extreme situation. No idea why. Remove the plug. Wait a few seconds. Put it back in.

9. My SMART Board does not power up. When I press the orange light to power up, the light starts blinking green and goes right back to orange. Simultaneously, on the projector arm, the light becomes green and then red. The bulb needs replacement in this case.

10. My SMART Board is not projecting on the screen. My VGA connection seems to be connected.
Go to System Preferences -> Display -> Can you see the arrangement tab? If yes, the connection is fine. If not, the display is not being detected. It could be a lose connection or the VGA connection could be defective.

If any of you have other problems you faced in the initial stages, feel free to comment here or send me your thoughts.
Enjoy your new SMART Board!

- Smita

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  1. Hi Smita,

    Thank you, as always. One extra trick —

    When the green light on the board is blinking you don’t need to restart the whole thing. Just Spotlight “SmartBoardService” and click enter.

    It’s never failed me so far.