Sunday, November 14, 2010

Safari Montage troubleshooting

Following are some of troubleshooting tips for Safari Montage:

1. The website is wrong. Make sure you go to: and not or org

2. The correct school is not selected. When you go the site, a poplist shows up with a list of all the PAUSD schools, with Addison being the default. Make sure you select the correct school.

3. The media player is not downloaded. Safari Montage requires you to download the media player. Please do that before proceeding. Download the media player. Quit and restart the browser in order for the browser to detect the media player.

4. If using the Safari browser (too many Safaris, confusing sometimes), it needs to be set in the play 32-bit mode in order for Safari Montage to work which is why I suggested that your child use firefox or another browser. Firefox can be downloaded for free from

5. Adobe Flash and/or Shockwave is not installed.

6. While logging in, the password is case sensitive.

7. If using Windows XP, make sure that QuickTime is installed.

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