Sunday, March 20, 2011

CUE 2011

Having just returned from CUE 2011, my brain is kind of bursting with ideas. I put together all of the different resources on a main page:

CUE 2011 Resources

The file is then broken up into multiple curriculum areas.

Of all the resources, the following are what I can see to be the easiest to start implementing of the ones I am not using (I currently use various types of Google docs and apps so those resources are more to share information):

1. Animoto : I created a sample video while in class: Animoto Video Link These videos can be used across curricular areas whether it is Language Arts or Science or Social Studies or Math, just about anything. They can be created with photos uploaded from the internet or from photos downloaded from a camera.

2. Scratch from MIT : Scratch is a graphical user interface programming language which can help Help children with:
- logical analysis
- problem solving
- critical thinking
- starting programming at a young level (as young as third grade)
- algorithmic thinking

3. Visuwords

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