Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ISTE 2012 - June 26th and 27th

There was always so much happening, and, being my first time at ISTE, I really needed to have some discipline in terms of what to let go/filter out and what to focus on. The events are simultaneous, and several times, equally interesting. Given all that, I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the poster sessions. It was truly gratifying to see so many little students there explaining their projects. Following are the highlights from Tuesday and Wednesday:

1. The Cat Scratch Club: I have been using Scratch for two years and wanted to learn from a more experienced instructor. The presenter has been mapping the Common Core standards with elements of Scratch; hence I got see one of her preview lessons. It was terrific. She said that in Wisconsin they noticed a huge jump in Math test scores of those children who had computational thinking. I liked the concept of the cat moving left so that little children can start grasping the concept of negative numbers. The other tips were giving meaningful names to the costumes and sprites instead of calling them Costume1, Costume2, etc. In addition, I had not noticed the number of resources that were available for elementary students at ScratchEd all the way from age 7. Also learned about Google's Computational Thinking page. Here is another Scratch lesson resource.

2. More on iPad cases. Found a few more vendors. OtterboxHigher GroundTrident

3. Some iPad Links: Link1: Exploring and Enhancing Learning with Mobile technology from Wilkes University.
    Teaching and Learning with iPads in the ClassroomHow to use iPads effectively in the classroom
    Apps in Education organized very well by grade
    Toontastic is a popular app for children's writing and ELL students. Here is a second grade example for using Toontastic.
    This particular teacher has lots of links on her web page, apps and otherwise.
4. Glogster: These fourth grade students createed projects using Glogster. Examples.
5. RushtoKnowledge: Several links and resources.
6. Engaging Education: A teacher's blog with engaging links
7. Using Goodreader to read any kind of document on an iPad.
8. Beyond Four Walls: How technology takes learning beyond the classroom.
9. Publishing documents to anywhere using Calameo: Some fourth grade students used this tool to make their own magazines.
10. Encinatas School District: This district adopted a 1:1 iPad program. Excellent link.
11. June's Blog: Lots of useful information.
12. The Smithsonian: The history section has everything about American history; resources include videos, books, artifacts and activities. Check it out for history lessons - it is a fantastic resource.
13. iPad apps for children with special needs: A good resource with alternative apps.
14. UDL lesson planning; another UDL link.
15. Links to apps and tools for struggling readers.
16. More on iPad Apps.

The keynote speaker on Tuesday was very inspiring I am told. I had to miss the session due to a workshop but for those of you who may have missed it, here's the link. The actually speaker starts at about 50+ minutes into the video.

Amazing conference; lots of ideas... so much to do... so little time....

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