Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25th ISTE Useful Links

The student poster sessions were very interesting. Some of them had very good ideas. What was frustrating was that some of the tables only catered to middle and high school. I will try and write up what I can on the ones I got information on:

Links for Active in Interactive Whiteboard. This contains several links that have interactivity ideas for whiteboards.

Some good links at this site.

This is a good notetaking app - does not have voice recognition/speech yet.

A great app that was recommended: Readability: This filters out all the clutter from a text, thereby, reducing the distractions for children, so they can focus just on the text.

Build a Wall

Got Books?

Some great resources at Alice Christie's website.

Got this from a friend: From one of the poster sessions.

Finally, co-presented at the Digital Playground Google Apps. Here is the site with example links.


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