Monday, July 1, 2013

ISTE 2013 - iPad Updates

iPads - is like a magical word. As much information as is out there, people seem to want more. Here are some resources from ISTE.


Kathy Shrock had a huge audience in the concert hall. I caught the last twenty minutes of the presentation. She managed to convey a ton of information in the time she had. The following apps are what she talked about:
Three Ring - for digitizing student work organized in folders.
InfuseLearning - a website
Mentimeter is meant to be a one question quiz
Mastery Scan - used to scan bubble responses straight from an iPad
Group board - upto four students can collaborate
Baiboard - has chat as well
Think binder - chat, upload, etc. great project tool
ScreenLeap - students can connect to the laptop through this app
Mover+ - you can move images to students
Chirp - send a file via chirp
Showbie for a paperless classroom
Pointer show your presentation on a secondary display by pointing; also allows voice control : Good site


Another session I attended was the top Productivity apps for the iPad:

Paid Apps: DocToGo, Keynote, iAnnotate, QuickOffice, ProHD, TapForms HD

Free Apps: Flipboard, Evernote, DropBox, Edmodo, Google Drive, SkyDrive, AudioNote Lite, AppShopper, AppsGoneFree

Someone recommended a stylus called: The Friendly Swede


Carolyn and I presented a subset/various versions of our Bring on the Bling on the Digital Playground. We had a great response. There were several people who hadn't used iMovie trailers. There was one teacher who used iMovie trailers with her EL students and was moved by what they created. There was one person who loved Explain Everything. There were others who took to Sock Puppets.
Give the iPad to your students, go forth and create!

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