Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fall CUE 2013

I haven't been as regular as I would like to be about my blogging for a few months now, not for any particular reason but that life gets in the way and trying to juggle a husband, my own children, school life and a masters, parent volunteer jobs, cultural obligations, it feels like there isn't time to do all of the things I like doing. In between which, I did make time for my closest friends, which to me is really important. However, this morning, someone I met at Fall CUE ( @jkloczko), talked about my blog. And I felt so guilty about not updating it for a while, thought I should write something worthwhile today. 

One of the great things about conferences now is that even if I have never met someone in person before, it is almost relatively easy to recognize them because of Twitter. It is very nice to have someone walk up to you or for you to walk up to someone and say - I think I know you and you launch off into a really interesting conversation. 

This year's #fallcue had the largest number of attendees since 2002 - 1,124. It is extremely impressive given that several educators pay for themselves to attend the conference. It is a reflection of the drive, the passion, the inherent motivation that so many of the educators have. Their students are very lucky to have them indeed. As a result, the energy in the sessions was very positive and wonderful. I got more than a whiff of it during both my presentations, one of which was the very last one of the day on a Saturday afternoon and was still very well attended as well as the level of participation was high. So grateful for that. 

The links for all of the Fall CUE sessions can be found at:

The one big idea that I walked away with - try and organize an Innovation Day. Loved the concept, the benefit for the students and everyone else involved in the process and have to say that my brain is working hard at how to make it happen this year whether in my school or at the district.

Kudos to the organizers for a very well organized conference, for a variety of sessions, for excellent keynote speakers (Ramsey Musallam and Angela Maiers) as well as for the level of presenters. Kudos to the participants for the level of enthusiasm and energy and it made every bit of effort in preparing for the conference, leaving the family behind worth it, coming back rejuvenated and re-energized and ready to take on the world :)

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