Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween

Due to the influx of the iPad, the past two years has seen a huge influx of Halloween themed apps that show up a week or so before the event. However, even without getting any of those specialized apps, one can organize a variety of Halloween related activities with the same basic apps that you have on the iPad. Any of the usual apps for creativity come in handy. All one has to do is work on them with a Halloween activity.

For example, the past two days third graders and fifth graders worked on Halloween poetry. They worked by themselves or in pairs to write a poem. Once the poem was ready, they used either Sock Puppets, or Toontastic or Tellagami or iMovie to record their poem. Some wrote Haikus, others Acrostic, others rhyming, yet others phrases or just their version of poetry. The students got to be creative, they got to come up with their Halloween themes, we worked on age-appropriate vocabulary for the projects, they got to record their voice, they got to work together, they had so much fun and learned a lot, without spending any extra money on any more apps. 

It just validates my belief on the use of the same creative apps across all age groups and across the curriculum. 

Happy Halloween everyone!

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