Monday, October 7, 2013

iMovie on the iPad

While working with teachers at various grade levels, when one says iMovie, they immediately think of movie making on the computers which they designate to be a long, elaborate affair, little realizing until they get their hands dirty that iMovie on the iPads is another story altogether. Today, I taught a workshop on using the iPad as a creativity tool. Almost the entire morning was spent on the iMovie app though. I am not in the least bit surprised. iMovie the app is fascinating and extremely versatile.

If you had to have one application, which one would you choose? I have a hard time choosing between Explain Everything and iMovie

The iMovie app allows you to create trailers and projects. 

The trailers are constrained in that one must use the template as is with the time clips as is, and no voice over. But then the purpose of a trailer is to give the audience a precursor of what's to come. It needs to be short and enticing. The words and pictures/video clips that go into making a movie trailer can be very attractive. 

When students work on the trailers, giving them explicit guidelines on the expectations around vocabulary is key. It is also critical to give them guidelines around the images and/or video clips. Once those are planned out, placing them appropriately in the trailer is very simple. Hey presto - you have a movie trailer ready to go! The music is preloaded with the theme, as is the length.

While working on the iMovie app projects, you can add in text, pictures, videos, titles, credits, voice over and edit clips. The text items can have subtitles in English (if for instance you are creating a movie in another language). 

In both cases the movies can be saved to the camera roll (besides Dropbox, Youtube, iTunes and Facebook). The camera roll means that students can then directly upload those to their course on the Schoology app.

The possibilities for creativity are endless, the benefits to the students are tremendous - listening, speaking, creating, language, explaining their thinking, collaborating, etc, etc...
So pick up an iPad, get iMovie and get started...

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