Thursday, December 19, 2013

Digital Drawing Tools

There are a myriad of digital drawing apps, especially on Smart phones and tablets. I remember getting the one of the first of them - Doodle Buddy - for my son's iPod more than five years back when he was seven. That tool is still actively being used in classrooms for showing Math work, just doodling, creating title pages for the iPad iMovie app, and many more creative ways. I have since bought him drawing apps for his iPad as he really gets into it. When his obsession with Minecraft was at its peak, he would draw detailed Minecraft characters and scenes using plain paper and pencil and on digital devices, mostly the iPad.

In the classroom, I have seen students who would hate to draw on paper, using Google docs drawing to draw detailed visualizations of story characters, scenes, their hobbies and passions, and more, no matter how long it takes them, continuing their work at home. Students love the choice of drawing in any form. As long as they get the creative medium they are comfortable with.

Recently, my now twelve year old son asked me to buy him Pixen on his Mac. This is a pixel art editor. Following is what he came up with:

He would not have been as focussed, engaged, creative or so detailed if it was a paper medium. Give your students the choice to engage with those creative mediums.

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  1. Hi, I use creately online diagramming and collaboration tool to create diagrams and storyboard drawings