Thursday, December 5, 2013

Google Glass

And so it was, because of my twitter buddy, co ed-tech passionate educator (he is way out there though), Robert Pronovost, that I got referred to for Google GLASS. I thought it would be the coolest thing to try out. Once I said yes, I began thinking of all these ideas in my head as to how I could go about using it. 

My appointment was set for almost two weeks after I first responded to Robert. I could have opted to have the GLASS shipped but figured I might as well have an expert tell me all about it. The appointment was set for a Friday at 4 p.m. Knowing that traffic into San Francisco might be terrible at that time, I left between 2:45 and 3 from Palo Alto. Right before I entered the city, I hit a road block. 

It took forever to cross from the freeway to even the first signal. I then called Google Support which was the only number I had, to let them know that I would be late. The person said he would inform the GLASS office. I then struggled to find parking. It was a fair walk from the parking lot to the GLASS office. The first thing that struck me was that it was in a really grand building. There was a security person when you entered. I started saying - I have an appointment - and he immediately piped up - "For GLASS?" I nodded and he gave me the directions to the fifth floor. 

When you got out of the elevator, you could feel the energy around. One person asked me if I wanted something to drink, another asked me something else; basically, the place is teeming with service. I loved the layout of the office - lots of open space, lots of glass overlooking the bay, particularly a beautiful view of the Bay Bridge, which is now lit up at night. 

It turned out that the person giving me the orientation has a teacher mom and/or dad so was more than aware of how things might work in a classroom. As he was giving me the rundown and linking to my account, etc, the sun had started to set, giving us a beautiful image in front. My photography self took over (I have had a life-long passion for photography) and I asked to step out to take a picture. The first time around taking a photo was a really cool feeling that it was so simple and yet got a beautiful image. 

Oh, and I must say something about the bag before I end this blog post. The bag itself is a beauty. My trainer said they had protective bags for "The Bag" because the bags are so well made and fancy. There is a pair of shades so people can't tell where you are looking when you take a picture. Also, he said I was lucky to be with a batch of people who got their brand new earbud. The charger comes in a dual shade of black and white, so looks fancier too.

Happy "GLASS"ing...

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