Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Haiku Deck and National Poetry Month

It is National Poetry month. Haiku Deck is a free app that has 35,000 built in Creative Common images and is perfect for poetry. Haiku Deck does not mean students must write a Haiku. It could be any kind of poem. Attached is a student sample (3rd grade) of using a combination of Haiku Deck and Explain Everything
1. Students wrote their poems on paper.
2. They then typed them on Google docs where they revised their poems including using the new Thesaurus Add-on feature of Google docs (fantastic feature!).
3. After a few iterations, when checked off, they used Haiku Deck to type their poems, associating each line with a pertinent image.
4. They played Haiku Deck in play mode and took screen shots of each slide (picture + text).
5. They imported those pictures into Explain Everything from the camera roll.
6. They added their voice and annotation.
7. Saved the end product as a video in the camera roll.

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