Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A FIrst Day Story

There are a few first day stories from yesterday, but the one I wanted to share is this one: 

After the bell and attendance on the first day of school is the school wide assembly right after which follows the PTA coffee. I had to check out a few classrooms with respect to helping them set up and a few odds and ends in terms of jobs, after which I decided to pop in to welcome the new parents and greet the old faces.  

I encountered one of the parents who had had a ski accident and was telling me about her recovery. She then pulled me aside and asked, "Aren't you the one who taught Scratch to my children?" She now has a fifth grader and a seventh grader. I wasn't quite sure how to respond to that because yes, I did introduce the children to Scratch and guide them along, but not quite taught them but that does boil down to our definition of "teaching" the students. She then proceeded to tell me how for her birthday her fifth grader had made her a Scratch card with popping fireworks and it was the coolest thing she got so she wanted to thank me. Her face was lit up while talking about it, she was so happy, so proud of her son and it was really nice for her to share her story.

Needless to add, it was one of the many things that just made my day!

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