Thursday, September 11, 2014

IPad Interview

Simple lesson idea for all grade levels which will cover the following skills:
- Speaking
- Listening
- Questioning
- Initiating a relevant conversation
- Respecting various opinions
and more based upon usage :)

This is best done as a partner activity with one person holding the iPad and carrying on an interview using the inbuilt Camera app. As students get to know each other in the first few weeks of school, interviewer starts by greeting appropriately, asking the interviewee to list three things about himself/herself. Interviewer then picks one of those three things and delves deeper into that topic. Depending upon the grade level, the depth could be determined, more like the length of the video. Upload finished videos to Schoology. Have class discussions on what went well about the process and what can be done better the next time.

This was done very successfully with Grade 1. It was not their first time handling the iPad video camera.

The same process can be applied to any topic, other than "All about me". Enjoy!

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